OPEN-TeaLeaF project is lead by University of Tartu (Estonia) and the partners are OCG Austria Computer Society (Austria) and Joanneum Research.

University of Tartu is responsible for leading and managing the activity as well as leading the work package for developing physical TeaLeaF units. UniTartu has an established track record in open-source robotics and ROS trainings on a variety of levels: students, professionals, and teachers. The team at UniTartu is skillful in developing both the modern interactive learning content as well the technical solutions for the use in the learning setting.

The Austrian Computer Society (OCG) as an activity partner will be responsible for developing and implementing didactically well-grounded teacher training courses as well as pilot workshops for young people. OCG also acts as a network and multiplier hub to address schools as well as to promote and disseminate the project in Austria. After project completion, OCG will serve as a national hub for lending OPEN-TeaLeaF kits to schools. OCG has years of experience in the development and implementation of national and international projects to promote STEM topics for children and adults as well as for schoolchildren and teaching staff.

As activity partner JOANNEUM RESEARCH ROBOTICS (JR) will be responsible for piloting and quality assurance. JR focuses on human-robot / human-machine interaction, as well as ongoing industrial research in applied AI, robot safety, robot-based automation, and brings in expertise and experiences within the field of manufacturing. The interdisciplinary team consists of experienced mechatronics and software specialists. This makes it possible to provide profound training for teachers and validate the construction of the open source robot platform.