After a two-year break, the eLearning-Bazar of the Vienna University of Education successfully took place on May 23rd, 2023. With the theme “Educate digitally – connect subjects,” this event aimed to bring together interested teachers from all school types and foster an exchange of ideas, concepts, and best practices related to teaching and learning with digital media.

The eLearning-Bazar provided a “bazaar”-like environment where participants could network, share experiences, and explore innovative approaches to integrating digital media into education. It served as a platform for schools, initiatives, and organizations to present their work and showcase successful examples of teaching and learning with digital tools.

During the event, the Open-TeaLeaF project, represented by OCG and Joanneum Research, was featured. The project’s objective was to promote open education and digital literacy among teachers and students. The presentation of the Open-TeaLeaF project attracted the attention of over 200 teachers, students, and representatives from the education and political sectors, including the federal minister for education.

One of the highlights of the eLearning-Bazar was the interaction with the Robotont robot. A total of 21 participants, including teachers and students, had the opportunity to engage with the Robotont robot and experience its capabilities firsthand. This interaction likely sparked interest and curiosity among the attendees regarding the integration of robotics in education.

The successful organization of the eLearning-Bazar and the active participation of teachers, students, and education and political representatives reflect the growing importance of digital media in the field of education. By fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing, events like the eLearning-Bazar contribute to the advancement of digital pedagogy and the exploration of innovative teaching methods.

For more information and pictures about the event, you can visit the following link: eLearning-Bazar der PH Wien 2023

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