The OPEN-Tealeaf project team participated in Startup Day on March 15-17, 2023, where they showcased Robotont and its capabilities to interested attendees at the EIT Manufacturing exhibition area.

Startup Day is an event that brings together various startups, investors, and technology enthusiasts. It provides an opportunity to introduce innovative ideas, products, or services to a broader audience and establish contacts and networks.

The EIT Manufacturing exhibition area focuses on showcasing technological solutions related to manufacturing and industry. The OPEN-Tealeaf project team utilized this platform to present Robotondi and its possibilities to interested individuals. Robotondi is likely a part of your project that you wanted to highlight, and through it, attendees could gain an overview of the robot’s features and its applications.

Participating in such events allows project teams to increase awareness of their project, seek potential collaborations, find investors or partnerships, and receive feedback and ideas from industry experts and enthusiasts.

In summary, the OPEN-Tealeaf project team’s participation in Startup Day and the EIT Manufacturing exhibition area was an excellent opportunity to showcase Robotondi and its capabilities to a wider audience and establish connections with other technology enthusiasts and industry representatives.

More information about sTARTUp Day:

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