Workshop in Klagenfurt in October

In 2023, OPEN-TeaLeaf, with support from EIT Manufacturing, achieved significant milestones, transcending borders and enriching robotics education. Here’s a snapshot of our impactful journey.

International Collaboration:

  • Collaboration extended across two countries, involving three key partners.
  • Twelve new OPEN-TeaLeaf kits were created, each featuring a cutting-edge Robotond. Six kits were distributed in Estonia, and an additional six in Austria.

Teacher Empowerment:

  • Four teacher training sessions were conducted, focusing on the integration of robotics into the classroom using Robotont.
  • Schools were the epicenter of our activities, with over 600 students and 100 teachers engaged during our school visits and hosting events.

Multilingual E-Learning Materials:

  • A groundbreaking initiative unfolded on the Skills.move platform (
  • Twelve sets of e-learning materials were developed, covering the usage of Robotond in English, Estonian, and German.

EIT Manufacturing’s Support:

  • The entire venture was made possible by the steadfast support of EIT Manufacturing, championing innovation and education in manufacturing technologies.

As we look back at 2023, OPEN-TeaLeaf stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and the transformative impact of robotics education on a global scale. Here’s to a future filled with continued growth and exploration!

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