On the 18th of April, 2023, a Robotont robot was presented at TGM – Die Schule der Technik – HTL Wien 20 during the OCG’s Bieber 2022 award ceremony ( The presentation was made by a representative of the OCG and Renno Raudmäe (University of Tartu), who demonstrated the robot’s ability to teleoperate by using the AR markers capabilities, which attracted great interest from the audience. About 80% of the audience were children and students, and the rest were parents. Renno also had the opportunity to speak with the director of a school in Upper Austria, who expressed a strong interest in gaining access to the robots and their hardware/software platform in the future. The presentation took place at the end of a Python workshop run by Wilfried Baumann and was attended by over 25 people. The Robotent presentation was well received and Rennos’ business card was requested by the interested director.

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